Providing affordable and readily available working capital financing.

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What we do

IMFact solves SME financing problems, by providing affordable and easily obtainable working capital financing. We do this by buying your client’s pool of receivables on a continuous basis. This means that your company will no longer have to wait to be paid by your debtors. After submitting your invoices through our application, the money will be available immediately. Your finance will automatically grow, when your sales grow.

With our app, you will have access to the system at all times and always be informed.

What is factoring?
what is factoring

Why IMFact.

IMFact offers working capital financing that is cheaper and more flexible (no need for personal guarantees and/or collateral) than bank financing. IMFact has no hidden fees and does not impose any extra costs.

No collateral
No collateral - IMFact doesn’t require any collateral
No personal guarantees
No personal guarantees - IMFact does not request any personal guarantees
No hidden fees
No hidden fees - IMFact will not impose any hidden fees
No extra costs
No extra costs - IMFact does not add any extra costs
Flexible financing
Flexible financing - Financing is flexible, to suit the needs of SMEs
Access to debtor management system
Access to debtor management system - IMFact provides 24/7 access to the debtor management system
Why IMFact
Amsterdam the Netherlands NairobiKenya Peru (to come) Morocco (to come)

Where we are.

IMFact’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam with business operations in Kenya. IMFact has ambitions to scale up and establish operations in Peru and Morocco.

Who we are

  • Nico de Nijs
    Nico de Nijs
    (CEO IMFact Amsterdam) Nico has over 20 years of experience in the financial service industry supplemented by an additional 5 years of managing his own business. He started his career with an accounting firm after which he joined ABN AMRO where he worked for 15 years in various commercial and risk management roles with a specific focus on emerging markets. In 2010 he set-up SafeSpace, a self-storage company in Moscow, which under his leadership grew to 4 locations.
  • Peter Fiala
    Peter Fiala
    (CFO and CIO – IMFact Amsterdam) Over the past 4 years Peter has worked closely with Cardano Development as the lead in the creation, fundraising, structuring, rating and operationalization of InfraCredit Nigeria and soon to be closed InfraZamin Pakistan (both credit enhancement facilities). Peter started his career in insurance followed by 12 years working at a leading monoline guarantor company (MBIA). This was followed by a further 7 years as an entrepreneur and investor (still ongoing).

Who we partner with.